Reflexology in Swindon

Looking for reflexology sessions in Swindon or the surrounding areas? Contact NIcky at Royall Holistics.

Heal your body with reflexology

Reflexology dates back to Egyptian times. It involves stimulating different areas on the hands, feet or face that correlate with the various organs, glands and other parts of the body. Get in touch with our specialist in reflexology at Royall Holistics to learn more about it. In addition to reflexology, we also provide services such as deep tissue massage and Swedish massage.

Safe hands

You can trust in our experienced practitioner to give you the right treatment. During a treatment, reflexology can increase your vitality and enhance your sense of well-being. Contact us for more information.

How will reflexology help you?

  • Relieves stress and reduces tension
  • Helps you keep a calm and composed demeanour
  • Makes you feel relaxed and peaceful
  • mix & match

    Any combination of any treatment, ie 30mins Reiki and 30mins Reflexology for £40

    All treatments tailored to suit you!

    Pamper Parties and Corporate days – packages available

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